Born and raised in Ottawa, music has always been a part of Kevin Ballantyne’s life. From wearing out his father’s vinyl collection at a young age to writing and recording his own songs 25 years later, music has been a life-long passion. Beginning with piano at age 8, he started playing guitar in 2000 and has never looked back, although he still dabbles on the keys and drums occasionally.

In 2007, Kevin began writing and recording his own songs based on personal experience, historical events or odd stories. His songs usually have a folk-rock feel to them, although he sometimes enjoys writing in other genres, such as alternative, punk, synth-pop and even metal. Over time, he recorded enough songs to release 2 albums, Drunk On A Bike in 2011 and A Poet & A One Man Band in 2014.

Today, Kevin continues to write and record as new ideas bring new songs to life. His collection of songs has continued to grow and he hopes to release a new album in the near future. The new album will continue his exploration into folk-rock territory with some excursions into other genres.