Ottawa's Bygone Buildings
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Buildings with names
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Buildings With Names

École Ste-Famille
A.A. Fournier Dry Goods
Agricultural Building
Almonte House Hotel
American Bank Note Co.
American Bank Note Co. Building
Aylmer Apartments
Bank St. Chambers
Bank Street Presbyterian Church
Bank of Montreal
Bank of Ottawa
Bank of Ottawa (Gladstone & Bank)
Bank of Quebec
Birkett & Son Warehouse
Bodega Hotel
Bolton Street School
Brading Breweries
Brebeuf School
British American Bank Note Co.
Broadview Apartments
CPR Round House
CPR Union Station
Campbell's Boiler Works
Canadian Building
Canadian Fisheries Exhibit & National Art Gallery
Capital Hotel
Carleton Chambers
Cartier Street Public School
Cecil Hotel
Central Park Bridge 'Cedar Lodge'
Central Ward West School
Citizen Building
City Hotel
Commercial Hotel
Conservatory of Music
Continental Bag & Paper Co.
Corry Block
Daly Building
Davidson Sash & Door Factory
Department of Agriculture Exhibition Branch
Dominion Methodist Church
Elgin Street School
Elgin Terrace
Family Theatre
Federal Hotel
Fire Station No 6
Fire Station No 2
Fire Station No 8 (Central Fire Station)
Forwarding Company Freight Shed
Garland Dry Goods Warehouse
General Supply Co.
Gloucester Street Convent (Congregation de Notre Dame)
Gloucester Township Hall
Government Printing Bureau
Gowling Business College
Grand Central Hotel
Grand Union Hotel
Grey Nuns Convent School (Rideau Street Convent)
Hawkesbury Lumber
Holbrook Chambers
Imperial Bank of Canada
Jos. Moyneur Produce Merchants
Ketchum & Co.
Knox Church
Lady Stanley Institute
Laurentian Club
Martin O'Gara's House
Martin Orme Piano Factory
McLeod Street Methodist Church
Merchant's Bank
Minto Hotel (Chambers)
Monument National Building
Morris Building
Mortimer Co. Ltd.
National Bank
New Arlington Hotel
Nicholas Sparks' House
Northcliffe Apartments
Office of the Free Press
Old City Hall
Old Post Office
Orange Hall (Albert Street)
Original Supreme Court of Canada Building
Orme Hall
Ottawa Amateur Athletics
Ottawa Curling Club Rink
Ottawa Electric Railway Car Shed
Ottawa Ladies College
Ottawa Maternity Hospital
Ottawa Public Library
Ottawa University Wash House
Pacific Hotel
Palace Hotel
Perley Home
Police Court Offices
Preston Terrace
Protestant Orphans Home
Queen's Hall
Reformed Episcopal Church
Regal Building
Registry Office
Residence of Michael P. Davis
Residence of Sir Robert Laird Borden, 'Glensmere'
Rideau Canoe Club
Rideau Club
Ross Building
Roxborough Apartments
Royal Bank Building
Royal Exchange Hotel
Royal Northwest Mounted Police Stores
Russell House Hotel
Russell Theatre
Sacred Heart Church
Second ByWard Market Building
Seybold's Castle
St, Andrew's Sunday School
St. Charles Hospital
St. Luke's Hospital
St. Patrick's Asylum
St. Patrick's School
Ste. Anne's Hall
Ste. Anne's School
Sussex Street Station
Titus Block
Turkish Baths (Residence of George Logan)
Vandome Hotel
Victoria Chambers
Victoria Foundry
Victoria Lawn Bowling Club
W.C. Edwards General Offices
Wellington Apartments
Western Method Church Manse
Western Methodist Church
William Topley's Studio
Windsor Hotel
Woods Building

Buildings With No Names

183 Albert Street
10-12 Albert Street
218 Albert Street
211 Albert Street
205 Albert Street
189-201 Albert Street
140 Argyle Avenue
12 Bank Street
108-110 Bank Street
179 Broad Street
211 Bronson Avenue
167 Cartier Street
67 Cartier Street
69 Cartier Street
267-276 Cathcart Street
2 Central Avenue
13 Central Avenue
19-21 Central Avenue
17 Central Avenue
23-25 Central Avenue
55-63 Clarence Street
41 Cliff Street
25 Cliff Street
168-170 Cobourg Street
141 Cooper Street
180 Cooper Street
245 Cooper Street
111 Cooper Street
250 Cooper Street
376-380 Cooper Street
78-81 Dalhousie Street
83-93 Dalhousie Street
95-99 Dalhousie Street
211-217 Dalhousie Street
199 Dalhousie Street
201-205 Dalhousie Street
209 Dalhousie Street
378 Division Street
110-114 Elgin Street
11-13 Elgin Street
414-424 Gilmour Street
10-12 Gilmour Street
14 Kent Street
20 Kent Street
3 Kent Street
28-34 Kent Street
36 Kent Street
24 Kent Street
49 Kent Street
53-55 Kent Street
39-41 Kent Street
37 Kent Street
43-47 Kent Street
22 Kent Street
50 Kent Street
46 Kent Street
13 Kent Street & 59 Vittoria Street
485 King Edward Avenue
584 Laurier Avenue
237-243 Laurier Avenue
84 Laurier Avenue East
670-672 Laurier Avenue West
668 Laurier Avenue West
664-666 Laurier Avenue West
658-660 Laurier Avenue West
654-656 Laurier Avenue West
404 Laurier Street East
18-24 Lett Street
27-33 Lett Street
102 Lisgar Street
108 Lisgar Street
9 Lyon Street
71 Lyon Street (Wagon Warehouse)
222 MacLaren Street
220 MacLaren Street
10 MacLaren Street
2 MacLaren Street
24 MacLaren Street
20-22 MacLaren Street
54 Main Street, 'Two Maples'
324 McLeod Street
121 Metcalfe Road (Bank Street)
175 Metcalfe Street
42-48 Murray Street
132-140 Nepean Street
25-31 Nicholas Street
21-23 Nicholas Street
68 O'Connor Street
64-66 O'Connor Street
58 O'Connor Street
60 O'Connor Street
122-126 O'Connor Street
42 O'Connor Street
50-52 Ottawa Street
100 Percy Street
168 Queen Street
291 Queen Street (Residence of R.J. Wickstead)
170 Queen Street (Shoe Hospital)
141-143 Queen Street West
74 Rideau Street
34-38 Rideau Street
43 Rideau Street
467 Rideau Street
197-199 Rideau Street
44-46 Rideau Street
120 Rideau Street (Store of William Borthwick)
100-102 Rideau Street, Mason & Co.
112-116 Sherwood Street
412 Somerset Street
191 Somerset Street
272 Somerset Street
609 Somerset Street
603-607 Somerset Street
693-701 Somerset Street
37-41 Sparks Street
377 Sparks Street
68 Sparks Street
307-315 Sparks Street
35 Sparks Street
31 Sparks Street
155 Sparks Street
126-128 Sparks Street
110 Sparks Street
117-123 St. Andrew Street
356-362 St. Patrick Street
411-413 St. Patrick Street
409 St. Patrick Street
33-35 Sussex Drive
406-410 Sussex Drive
374-386 Sussex Drive
22 Vittoria Street
47 Vittoria Street
118-120 Vittoria Street
14 Vittoria Street
74-76 Vittoria Street
102 Vittoria Street
57 Vittoria Street
34 Vittoria Street
72 Vittoria Street
70 Vittoria Street
84-88 Vittoria Street
110-114 Vittoria Street
115 Vittoria Street
107-111 Vittoria Street
105 Vittoria Street
95 Vittoria Street
89 Vittoria Street
262-264 Water Street
226 Waverley Street
469-487 Wellington Street
386-390 Wellington Street
299-303 Wellington Street
207-215 Wellington Street
255-263 Wellington Street
265-275 Wellington Street
217-221 Wellington Street
251-253 Wellington Street
247-249 Wellington Street
309-311 Wellington Street
305-307 Wellington Street
598 Wellington Street
594 Wellington Street
677 Wellington Street
664 Wellington Street
675 Wellington Street
333-335 Wellington Street
1171 Wellington Street
343 Wellington Street
163-169 York Street

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